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Hope Zoo

The Foundation has a not-for-profit with charitable status.

The Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation intends to closely follow a master plan which was commissioned through funding from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica. This plan was developed through international zoo architects and Ursa International. The concept revolves around the idea that the animal collection and its associated components are to tell a story that is relevant to the Jamaican experience.
Three areas emerged from the exhibit concept layout:

Jamaica Paradise

Showcases local species, hopefully engendering pride and ownership for what is unique to us, but more importantly to give a quick insight into where we are now as a people.

African Outpost

his is a reflection of our past and how those experiences have helped to shape us, influenced our food, folklore etc. This area includes the macrovertebrates such as the African lion and lioness, zebra and ostrich.

American Jungle

This represents our journey here. It intends to mimic the experience of translocation for most Jamaicans by seeing animals from unknown areas. This will include many primate species such as exotic parrots etc.

The Hope Zoo


Public Education

Entry Area
Santa Maria Restaurant
Main Restroom Building
Changing Rooms

Telephone: 913-5655
Email: info@puertosecojamaica.com

Active Learning

Locker Rentals – 120 units
Beach Lounge Chair Rentals
Umbrella Rentals
Cabana Rentals

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Massage Cabana – Offering full body or targeted massage service
Tattoo Hut – Providing temporary tattoo designs to show off on the beach
Braiding Hut – Offering the ultimate beach look
Cabana Rentals

Research and Development

First Aid Facility

Telephone: 913-5655
Email: info@puertosecojamaica.com